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What Is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

A laser skin peel removes the outer layer of skin from the treated area in order that it is replaced by younger skin growth. This treatment is unique because your clinician can set the depth of the peel for more aggressive treatments and based on your condition and desired results. At NEOS MedSpa we use the PROFILE™ CONTOUR™ systems combination of two lasers so that we can precisely measure the depth and effect of your peel. Only CONTOUR™ has the ability to deliver a treatment that is tailored to match your skin condition. Most skin areas can be treated.

The Results

The rougher, outer layer of your skin will be replaced by younger skin growth. Your skin will literally be younger and your complexion completely refreshed. A variety of conditions and blemishes including wrinkles, scars, sun and age spots and more will lessen in appearance or disappear completely.

What to Expect

Before – Our specialists will consult with you to assess the condition of your skin and educate you about the treatment. You should schedule around 1 hour to check in and receive your treatment in our comfortable spa facility.During – CONTOUR will be used to remove thin layers of skin using a laser delivered through a computer controlled device which scans the area of skin being treated. You may hear a snapping or popping noise as the laser gently removes the outer skin cells. There may be a small amount of discomfort associated with this treatment and options for managing this will be discussed with you, in detail, before your treatment begins.After – It will take a few days to replace the outer layer of your skin. There will be some redness but it will subside after a few days. There may be a slight, temporary change to your skin color for up to a few weeks. Aftercare procedure will include the use of some topical skin care products and careful protection from the sun.

Skin Treatment Options

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