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Age Spots and Sun Damage

NEOS MedSpa uses Sciton, Alma, and Medlight lasers in the treatment of age spots and sun damage. These are the most technologically advanced lasers for this type of treatment. Treatments using these lasers may be combined to fit the unique needs of your skin and get you the best results.

What It Is

Age spots, sun spots, birthmarks, freckles and other skin discolorations are generally caused by areas of abnormally high melanin concentration in your skin. Melanin is what gives skin color and determines if you have a light or dark complexion. The abnormalities that cause the above conditions may present at birth or the result of overexposure to the suns damaging ultraviolet rays. The answer is NEOS Custom Skin Rejuvenation (link to this page)

A Look at the Results

This treatment literally turns back the clock on years of sun exposure and skin discoloration associated with an active, outdoor lifestyle. Your skin will look and feel years younger and you will regain the even and smooth complexion that can be lost over time.

What to Expect

Before – Our specialists will consult with you and determine a treatment package and schedule that fits your particular needs. A customized program of Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatments will be designed to ensure that you get the very best results, Treatment is usually repeated 4–6 times about 3–5 weeks apart. You should schedule around 1 hour to check in and receive your treatment in our comfortable spa facility.During – Scion and Alma and Medlight lasers are used to deliver your treatment. These have been extensively researched and are the most advanced way to change the appearance of your skin. The procedure doesn’t remove any skin and works on all skin types. It can be used on the face, hands, neck and chest. There is almost no discomfort and most people describe the treatment as a tingling sensation. After – Laser Skin Rejuvenation is a series of non invasive treatments that create minimum discomfort and involve no downtime. You will be able to go about your day immediately after the treatment. Any redness may be addressed with makeup and will be short lived.Visit the Laser Skin Rejuvenation FAQ page for more information.

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