About NEOS Med Spa

About NEOS Med Spa

Mission Statement

To deliver effective, custom treatment with the highest standards of care, and the very best technology in a safe, and welcoming environment.

NEOS MedSpa was founded in 2002 under the name SONA Laser Center. We specialized in Laser Hair Removal and built an amazing reputation for delivering superior results through the best technology and service. As our business grew, so did the needs of our clients and in 2007 we re-launched the company under the new name NEOS MedSpa and with a much broader array of treatments that we are able to tailor to the individual needs of our clients.

Our partnership with Dr. Briana Cain, NMD, means that we bring the highest standard of medical care to the assessment, and treatment of your needs. We have replaced the “one solution fits all” approach that is standard practice within this industry, with a tailor made offering that delivers treatments that are appropriate to both your initial assessment and your response as you move through the treatment process. Our commitment to the conscientious and complete care of your individual needs differentiates both our services and your results.

We have created luxurious, comfortable and welcoming facilities to service the Scottsdale, Chandler, Peoria, Phoenix, Tempe and Glendale areas. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the safest and most gracious treatment and the best possible results.

Your experience at NEOS MedSpa

Different clients have different questions and concerns. The links at the bottom of this page address the technical questions associated with each treatment, but we have also tried to answer some of your more general and personal enquiries.

Expertise - Each NEOS MedSpa has a highly trained staff of licensed medical professionals. All estheticians complete intensive training in dermatological care and the administration of all treatments. We select only the very best from the large pool of candidates who seek to work with our technology and be a part of the positive work environment at NEOS MedSpa. Finally our Medical Director, Dr. Breanna Cain, supervises the entire practice.

Results – By taking a totally individual approach to each client, and then combining the best technology and the highest caliber of staff to deliver the right combination of treatments, we get the best results available and we stand by that.

Price – NEOS MedSpa delivers a fine balance of superior care and technology at affordable prices. Our goal is to deliver the best value in the market through a recognizable results and a satisfying return on your investment.

Discomfort – There is some discomfort associated with most laser treatments. Our staff recognizes this and understands the anxiety it may cause. We ensure that there are no surprises by providing detailed information about your treatment and how it will feel before you receive it. We then carefully moderate the treatment according to the level of discomfort that you experience and deliver pain remedies where appropriate and/or possible.

Don’t hesitate to call us at (480) 425-7662 for answers to additional questions.


Payment Options

Credit Cards

VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX and DEBIT Cash Gift Cards Give NEOS Skin™ to those you care about. NEOS MedSpa offers Gift Cards for all of our products and services, including skin care products, skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, acne treatment and much more. Buy a NEOS MedSpa Gift Card for someone special today.


Care Credit With Care Credit’s affordable monthly payments, there is no reason to delay having that elective surgery you have always wanted. Care Credit is in business to help patients by providing financing for cosmetic and elective surgery through our participating provider network. We’ve made the process as simple, quick and as patient-friendly as possible. We finance various kinds of elective procedures including:
  • Photo Dynamic Therapy
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Lip Enhancements
  • Permanent Makeup
  • Laser Hair Removal
You can choose an extended payment plan or you can enjoy the option of having to pay no interest at all with Care Credit’s No Interest Financing! Check with your consultant to see which programs they have elected to offer. Care Credit has a short application and you can apply right from your doctor’s office. Care Credit responds with a credit decision in minutes. Once you’re approved, you have 60 days to schedule and complete your initial procedure. And it is easy for you because we pay the doctor directly. So go ahead and schedule that procedure you have always wanted. Now there is no reason not to.

Our Technology

At NEOS MedSpa we deliver superior results through our investment in superior technology. We customize treatments using the 14 unique lasers which represent every wavelength of light delivery available within this field. We attract the best and most experienced estheticians by creating the most sophisticated and advanced working environment and we remain in constant touch with the new development in laser technology.

For more detailed, technical information on our lasers, click on the links below.

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